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Well Hello!

Welcome to my portfolio! I am currently a fourth year at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in UX Design and a minor in Psychology. My strengths are UI/UX Design, user research, prototyping, communication, and team management. My two passions in life are creativity and helping others and I am hoping to bring both of those into my present and future work!

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A Dive into My Personality

I chose to pursue UX Design because it allows me to work with others every day and I am able to make an impact in people's experiences. After designing with a UX mindset, I have become familiar with Adobe programs, Figma, Whimsical, and other prototyping programs while continuously growing my communication and leadership skills. While product design is my passion, I also enjoy research and UI

Outside of the design studio, I enjoy studying with my friends, playing tennis + volleyball on the University courts, painting, and strive to make a positive impact on those around me. 

Programs I am Proficient in...



Designing prototypes + interactivity


Adobe Suite

Photoshop, Illustrator, + InDesign

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Building out wireframes + low-medium fidelity prototypes



Creating presentations, social media templates, & advertisement design

My Involvement

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PXD Club

Vice President

The Purdue UX Design Club focuses its time on giving professional advice for UX Design students and those who are interested in the field. We also strive to host events that allow our members to express their creativity and practice their design skills. 

As the Vice President, I have been tasked to assist in planning events, assist the President with tasks, reach out to prospective members, and assist with social media. 

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Mentorship for Purdue UX Design


Throughout my interactions with new UX Design students at Purdue, I found many of them searching for mentorship. As the main contact, in the club, for prospective students and underclassmen, I began to realize that I could not give everyone an effective amount of information.

Due to this, I began the mentorship program through the PXD Club for upperclassmen and 2nd year grad students to mentor underclassmen and prospective students! I am currently overseeing these interactions.

My Design

A deep dive into how I approach design...


Ensuring the user connects

with the designs.


Creating seamless introductions + being consistent with designs.


Supporting design decisions with both user, primary, and secondary research.

Throughout my design experience, I have found interests in the above initiatives. Concerning data-backed, I was able to work on a project (UEGroup + XCenter) that required an intense focus on participatory design. After experience a strong connection with the users, I was intrigued by engaging in more research to ensure my design decisions were supported. 

Diving into intuitive, I have had a few opportunities where I was able to work on creating onboarding experiences. These instances were in my case study (Ibotta internship), UEGroup + XCenter sponsored project, and Innovatemap sponsored project. Some products need to provide some guidance on how to use them and I find it challenging to tackle onboarding.

And lastly, connection. During my project with UEGroup + XCenter, I was able to dive into my skills on creating empathy with users. In order to design a product that will help users, it needs to create a feeling of connection. The product must attend to the user's needs and the best way to achieve success is to speak with users. 

For a deeper dive into my design philosophy, visit this presentation.


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